Press Release. January 10, 2013


KANSAS CITY, MO., JAN. 10, 2013 – Computers & Tele-Comm., Inc. and KC NAP LLC announced today that Kansas based Streamside Partners LLC has made an investment in the two interdependent companies.  Details of the investment are undisclosed.

Graeme Gibson, the founder of both companies, will move to the role of Chief Technology Officer, enabling him to focus on more sweeping strategic technology initiatives, and will remain a part owner of both companies.  Graeme is the prime driver behind the innovation and expansion of CTC’s city spanning Wireless ISP network, the KC NAP, one of just 14 in the US, and the oldest in the region, and the new Holly Data Center.

Larry Levin, will retain his critical role as EVP, Sales and Marketing, also remaining a part owner of both companies.  Larry has been a fixture in the Kansas City technology community for over a decade, helping to build the CTC and KCNAP ventures, building significant partnerships in the tech community, and meaningful service intensive relationships with our customers.

Scott Kaye, Principal of Streamside Ventures LLC, and Managing Member of Streamside Partners LLC will assume the role of President and CEO of the two companies.

Gibson explains:  “We brought Streamside Ventures LLC in to help us to straighten out some of the operational issues that accumulate as a company grows organically from a start-up to an “upper main street” company over the years. Scott came in to act as the interim VP of Operations, and immediately made a significant positive impact on our efforts, making improvements in every part of our company, with the goal of organizing the important collection of assets and capabilities that we have built, into a platform that can be scaled up significantly.  The relationship with Streamside Partners LLC was a natural outcropping of that relationship.  They bring capital and expertise at a critical time in the development of our ventures.  Now, we are looking forward to our next phase of growth, with the energy, expertise, and capital that comes with this new association with truly exceptional partners.”

Performance Highlights include:

  • A city-spanning wireless ISP network that has increased tenfold in the past year,
  • A customer list that includes some of the most notable names in the Kansas city business community in industries ranging from commercial real estate to finance and investment to manufacturing, distribution, and government.
  • An ability to build networks on short notice to provide temporary services to important institutions and market leading companies like The White House, JE Dunn, AEG Live, Crown Center, KCP&L, and others.  The company built the wireless network that carried the Google Fiber announcement.
  • The new Holly Data Center has achieved new levels of energy efficiency, with almost 20% of its energy demands being met by Solar power.
  • The company has assets tapped directly into the Axon and Santa Fe fiber trenches, with direct connections to over 27 carriers.

From the Streamside perspective, we believe that the demand for more storage, faster speeds, higher levels of security, greater flexibility and efficiency, and more dependability in internet technology are all at the beginning of an exponential growth curve. The economy and the marketplace demand that whether you’re a manufacturer, or a contractor, or a banker, you’ve got to be constantly incorporating greater levels of technological capability into your operations.  Consumers are demanding higher and higher levels of service in every economic transaction, and the technologies that these two companies are involved in…Data Center Services, Managed Services, Networking, Redundant high speed internet access, etc. are all critical for competitive middle-market businesses.

In these two companies, we have an opportunity to participate in a vibrant entrepreneurial and business environment in Kansas City, and to be involved in a critical part of the economy, where we believe our skills and capital rightly-applied can help to build real value for our channel partners, customers, and employees.

We are excited about the opportunity to help these companies to realize their potential and continue to move toward strength as we work to create a culture among our employees, and an expectation among our partners and customers that we will execute on our commitment to provide innovative and unparalleled service, and will keep at the heart of our business decision-making, a deep commitment to their success.

About Computers & Tele-Comm., Inc.:  CTC operates a city spanning wireless Internet Service Provider network that offers businesses a truly separate and redundant connection to the internet.

About KC NAP LLC:  KC NAP provides internet services and private Layer 2 and NAP access.  The company also provides hand-offs to multiple diverse Tier 1 Carriers.  The company also provides Managed Services and Data Center Services for small and middle-market businesses.

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